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Crypto Renaissance

The First Italian Digital Boutique

About Us

Welcome to the First Italian Crypto Boutique. We are an organization responsible for managing a selected group of Italian NFT artists. For Us at crypto renaissance is important to give talented Italian artists the opportunity to showcase their work with the rest of the world.


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The Italian Renaissance started in the 15th Century in Florence.This period involved amazing artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raffaello (nope, we are not talking about the ninja turtles).The fifteenth century was a time of great economic,political and social turmoil just like the 21st century. A global pandemic, the Metaverse, the war in Europe and the explosion of the NFTs The result of the old Renaissance was the new perception of man and the world, where the single individual is able to self-determine and cultivate his own gifts, with which he can win his fate and dominate nature by modifying it.


 We want to bring this values back to life with the New Crypto Renaissance, by using the digital world

to empower Italian artists through NFTs.

Join Us

1) Before sharing your artworks, Crypto renaissance will ask for your consent through a contract

of  partnership & confidentiality.

2) After signing the partership & confidentiality agreement, you will be asked to send us 3 of your artworks enclosing a description of each of them

3) Your artwork will be published on our instagram account and promoted with a budget of 30€.

4) In addition for every artwork received we will plant a tree through onetreeplanted.

Sustainability is important for us.

5) The only thing that you will be asked to do is to repost a couple of our instagram stories on your profile, tagging Crypto Renaissance.

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